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There are a wide range of options available for your cat. All you need to do is select the food you'd like your cat to have, and we can make it available in fresh (raw), cooked, or processed (canned or biscuits) most of the time.

Our preference is for all cats to be on a completely raw, unprocessed diet. The health benefits of such are amazing, compared with feeding processed (canned or biscuits) food. For us having such close contact with a number of cats, the benefits of a raw diet include:
  • far less waste in the litter box (and far less stinky),
  • cleaner teeth (and all the benefits that come from that),
  • and like us - the benefits associated with not having processed food in the diet.
  • Raw food contains loads of wonderful enzymes that your cat needs, that can't be found in cans or biscuits.
  • When you feed a raw diet, you know exactly what goes into it, and you aren't paying for "waste product" from the human food chain that is really worth nothing, but has been packaged into a can/sachet or made into biscuits and sold at ridiculously high prices

That being said, if you're not comfortable with a raw diet for your cats we do have a selection of processed foods available. Perhaps you might even let us feed a little fresh food just to see how your cat goes.

If you feel your cat will do better on food you provide from home, all you need to do is provide it in well marked packaging.

All cats are fed twice a day, with kittens being fed 3 times a day.

Menu items available:

    • Chicken
    • Turkey
    • Lamb
    • Fish
    • Beef
    • Heart
    • Liver
    • Meaty bones - only available as raw food
    • Kangaroo
Please note: as you would expect we do not feed our cats or any of our visiting cats a vegetarian or vegan diet as these are explicitly unhealthy and will lead to significant health issues (including death) to our precious felines.

Continuing a raw diet at home:

If you let us start your cat on a raw diet, you'll probably be wanting to know what to feed them when you get home. The sorts of things I feed my cats are:

  • chicken necks
  • cut up pieces of heart (chicken, ox, lamb, etc)
  • beef cheek
  • small amounts of liver and/or kidney
  • fresh whole small fish (like sardines)
  • pieces of raw meat (I avoid mince), sometime with bone in, such as chicken drumsticks
You will find that a raw diet is about one third the cost of a processed food diet. You can buy in bulk, and then just freeze up daily portions for your cats, then just defrost as required. Cats like fresh food, so anything leftover needs to be disposed of. Cats can take a long time to transition over, which is why we are more than happy to help you with that process while they stay here.

In addition there is a huge presence on facebook regarding raw feeding. Just click here. (just a quick note: that group is very focused on just discussing raw feeding, nothing else).

If you need any help with a raw diet, feel free to touch base with Jane, who has over 20 years experience in this area.

As we are a health retreat for both cats and dogs (note: we are not vets nor aim to be), our aim is to feed quality food to all our guests. Check out the youtube video below from a vet who suggests the best options moving forward.

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