Yes we do want you to come out and inspect our facility. In fact, we'd love you to.

Just give us a call and we will work out a mutually suitable time. Yes you'll need an appointment.

Simply give us a call: 5433 6259 and we can look at the diary to see what is available as early as possible.

A tiny, weeny percentage of people will think "but we don't want an appointment, we want to catch you off guard, when you're not expecting it!" Hmmmmm... that's not your job. The council rangers are allowed to do that - we are extremely proud of what we do, the look and feel of the facility, and the first class management of the pets here.
But, if I've got 10 people with appointments already scheduled and you turn up, you will need to wait your turn - no exception. This means, you can be waiting 2 hours or more. Or, you will be asked to come back at a more suitable time (yes, this has happened.)

It is absolutely critical to us that we give all clients our 100% attention. We use this time to make note of what their needs are, to build a great relationship, and have plenty of time for asking questions. A tour of our facility has been known to take over an hour, although most are much quicker. So this is why we must schedule a time appropriately.

I don't want to feel rushed, and neither do you.

Simply call us on 5433 6259.

It's that easy.

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