Some rules

Having some rules allows everyone to be comfortable with knowing what the parameters are.

Feel free to check back here often, as sometimes without notice, we will update the rules.
  1. All cats must be fully vaccinated and up to date with their vaccines, and a gap of at least two weeks before their last vaccine and the start of their visit here.
  2. We do not mix cats from different households.
  3. We prefer cats that are desexed, and may refuse boarding to undesexed cats, particularly during peak time. Depending on the behaviour of your undesexed cat, you may be charged an additional fee of $5-10/day for additional required cleaning (particularly common in male cats who spray).
  4. All cats coming into and leaving the cattery must be in a cage.
  5. If your cat has any special needs, please tell us ahead of time.
  6. If your cat needs a special diet, please bring it from home in well marked packaging.
  7. We do not accept feral cats because of health and safety issues.
  8. Cats coming from the same home must get on with each other, or will be separated with the single rate fee being applicable.
  9. Where available, regular clients may be offered free upgrades of suite.
  10. All cuddles are free.
  11. Our days are heavily scheduled, and if you're running late and you haven't let us know, we will more than likely have shut and locked the gate and gotten on with the day's activities. So please note: check out our times, and we'll work a way around it if possible. It might be worth noting, in the majority of cases, we do not take our phone inside the cattery or kennel, or down to the dam, so if you're late or arrive at an unexpected time, it doesn't matter if you call any of our numbers a hundred times, we will not hear them. Any aggressive behaviour from humans to staff/owners will result in immediate cancellation of all your bookings. No exception. (We never expect this to happen, but it's important we let people know, and if this sounds like it might occur, it's best you leave your cats somewhere else.) OH&S regulations, which includes bullying, is an important part of making sure that our staff are safe at all times.  It is extremely rare that our customers are rude and/or offensive.  We can count the number on one hand.  We do have a zero tolerance for that.
  12. Please check our opening hours.  They have not changed.  There is a $50 late fee if you are late picking up or dropping off your cat outside of scheduled hours, if we are able to facilitate such.  If you miss your drop off, you will still be charged for the time booked.

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