Your first time

Your first time leaving a cat at a cattery can be overwhelming for the human. The cats often adjust much quicker than their owners do.

If you're going away for a big trip, we'd recommend you drop your cat off for a couple of days a few weeks before you go, so that the cat can get used to the facility and us, and that you will feel far more comfortable when you make your trip.

To be perfectly honest, if you're headed away on a big trip, the last thing we want you to be worried about it your cat/s. Our job (and we're rather good at it actually) is to put the time and effort into ensuring your pet has a premium stay.

Normal opening and closing time information:

Normal check in is in the afternoon (except Saturday), and normal check out is in the morning (except Sunday) - just like a hotel, but these can be extended to the alternate session for $5/cat per session or $10/cat per session in peak times.

Day Morning Afternoon
Mon-Fri 9.00-10.30am 3-5pm
Saturday 9.00-10.30am  
Sunday   4-5pm

Whilst we have standard check in/out times, all must be by appointment only.

If you can't meet your scheduled appointment time, please contact us asap. Lateness can result in gates being closed, and in extreme cases we will charge a waiting fee. Of course, our aim is that we never have to do such because all our customers are happy to give us a quick call or text in a timely way to re-schedule.

We know you'll appreciate that our entire days are scheduled. This means immediately at 10.30am, we are involved in training, exercise, grooming, cleaning, appointments, etc, and avoiding the office. More often than not, we'll be ensuring that the cats are getting adequate cuddle time. You'll also notice a note at the gate that says "staff only". If you are late, and no one in is the office, you need to wait out the front until you are noticed. We know that 99% of people will understand that there are strict reasons you don't go beyond a gate that says "staff only".

This means: no one is permitted in the cattery or the dog boarding area, without being accompanied by a staff member.

Whilst we care for your pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, our office hours are limited.  This allows us to provide maximum care to your pet, whilst minimizing costs of office staff. 

This is why we can keep our rates at such value for money.

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