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Cats don't like being rushed. You know that. We know that. Cats like taking their time to check out a situation, and don't react well if you're trying to pack a bag, and then organise them into their cat box to come for a drop off. We recommend all cats (and dogs) are dropped off the day before you travel. And that way, you've got a little time up your sleeve if something does go wrong.

We are open to receive and collect cats (and dogs) at the following times:

    Monday to Friday: 9am - 10.30am and 3-5pm

    Saturday morning: 9am - 10.30am

    Sunday afternoon: 3-5pm

We operate like a hotel in terms of timing. ie: check in is in the afternoon, and check out is in the morning. Either session can be extended, ie: pick up in the afternoon session or drop off in the morning for an extra $5/cat (although in peak times, this can be more difficult to arrange)

We have no check ins or check outs on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (or facility inspections). Whilst the pets are still looked after during these times, this gives us an important break from having to answer the phones and the front door. We appreciate your understanding that we can't be available to people 24/7.

If you are going to be early or late for a pick up or drop off, you must call or text us. Ph: 5433 6259. There will not always be someone waiting in reception for you to turn up. Sometimes we will be able to help you, and sometimes we won't.

If we have no scheduled pick ups or drop offs in one of our "normal" opening time sessions, we will often just close the front gate and commence our large number of jobs to do for the day.

We have a number of security cameras around the facility and can review footage as required.

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